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Brilliant for activity weeks, end of term rewards, Christmas, fun days and fetes. Mark’s Ark animal parties contain an excellent educational bias, suitable for all ages, whether toddlers, infant, comprehensive or academy students.

Mark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersMark’s Ark Wildlife Encounters
Children of all ages are curious and fascinated by the world of animals. Flora and fauna across the planet are suffering at the hand’s of man, and it is very important that the younger generations have the opportunity to interact with animals.

Mark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersMark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersMark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersMark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersMark’s Ark Wildlife Encounters

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. I have to compliment you on how great you were with William and the rest of the boys. Us adults enjoyed it too.” Jody

A visit from Mark’s Ark wildlife encounters will truly enhance any specific subject you are covering in the curriculum. Mark’s extensive knowledge will inspire the children to think and explore the various topics discussed during the encounter.

How does the show work?

With my assistant, we bring four different species which can be chosen from the animal gallery. Each animal is displayed in turn, interactively involving the children with fact-filled animal fun.

Mark’s Ark Wildlife EncountersUnder-fives are approached in a simpler way appropriate to their age, more detailed concepts are discussed with older children. Duration of this part of the encounter lasts 35-45 minutes, depending on age.
We then finish off with the ever-popular ‘hands-on’ part of the show. The children are encouraged to hold, stroke or touch the animals and is an ideal photographic opportunity. Total duration of show, at least one hour subject to numbers of children.

As you can image the hit TV series; ‘DEADLY 60’ has made my job very easy. Mums, spiders and snakes are a must what ever your feelings are about them.

Safe, interactive, hands-on animal fun for all ages. An amazing opportunity to get close-up to giant Bird-eating spiders, snakes, lizards and birds of prey.

Mark has 25 years of experience and is PLI checked.

Topics covered

Mark covers a wide variety of topics for schools; Rain forests, mini-beasts, dinosaurs, dragons, animal classification, life-cycles, habitats, Bio-mimicry, owls, nocturnal animals and predators. This is delivered using a selection of animals and bio-material in the form of bones, skins and mounted specimens.

Special needs and visually impaired

Special needs and visually impaired students, can learn and gain much from the hands-on experience. The children can marvel at the soft texture of the owl’s feather, and the smooth scale of the python!

Mark can offer sessions to meet your specific requirements, cost-effectively, comprehensively insured, risk assessed, in a safe controlled manner.

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